There’s a Shen & Sam Co. pillow for everyone!


Scrabble Cat Pillow

Do you enjoy playing Scrabble almost as much as you love snuggling with your cat? As you are turning over your tiles and you see the letters, C and A, you are hoping that the next letter you have is the letter T, aren’t you? If you think the word cat should be worth the highest number of points, then our Scrabble Cat pillow is definitely for you!

Feline Elements Pillow

When you see the word “feline”, does your brain think “cat” first, and then automatically start breaking it down into “Fe”, “Li”, and “Ne” knowing without looking that Iron, Lithium, and Neon are the chemical elements. Then Feline Elements pillow is purrfect for you! Bring a little science/chemistry love to your little nook.

Cat Whiskers Pillow

The hashtags #whiskerwednesday, and #whiskergram are on your list of favorites to use on your IG posts. When you look at your cat and think about how magnificent their whiskers are, the fact that they use them to feel, and sense where they can fit not to mention the beauty of them! Bring a bit of that wonderfulness to your little corner of the room with our adorable Cat Whiskers pillow. It is sure to make you smile every time you look at it.

Cat Face Pillow

After a long day at work or school, all you want to do is come home and snuggle with your cat. As you both head over to your favorite chair, grab a good book, a blanket and something to drink. Our Cat Face pillow has a cute, and soulful look, ready to help you and your cat relax and let all of the troubles of the day melt away. Also, there is a little bit of mischievous in our cat’s eyes, don’t you think?

Love Cat Pillow

The iconic Philly LOVE symbol made into a cat lovers dream design. Our adorable Love Cat pillow will bring a bit of fun and cool to your favorite couch, guest room, chair, or any little corner of your space.