SnowCat Black Jars


SnowCat Black Jars


Hand poured coconut soy wax candles in black jar with original “SnowCat” design. Jars can be repurposed.

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NOTE:   Candles are hand poured.  Please allow up to 3-5 days before candle ships from our studio.

These adorable jars are filled with approximately 8 oz of clean burning coconut wax and have an approximate burn time of 45 hours. 

The wooden lids are laser engraved with our logo. Each lid has its own unique wood grain pattern and can vary from lid to lid.

The jars are easy to clean once you have enjoyed burning the candles, so you can re-purpose them! Pour hot water into the jar to melt extra wax, and then pour into a container to discard (do not pour it down the drain, it may clog).  Remove the wick and use the jar to hold cat/dog treats, cotton swabs, or to display whatever you would like!

SHIPPING:  Shen & Sam Co. ships via USPS Priority Mail.  Soy wax may become soft/melt due to hot weather.   Therefore, during summer months, we ship out Monday - Wednesday to avoid having your candles sitting in hot warehouses over the weekend.