How To Make Personalized Word Games

I was looking for something fun to write about today.  Do you love doing crossword puzzles and other brain stimulating games?  I like doing all kinds of word games like crossword puzzles, word searches, and sudoku.  I thought it would be fun to personalize some word games incorporating terms that are connected with our company.  I found this great online tool at Discovery Education where you input your word list and it will make all kinds of fun games for you.  I decided to make a crossword puzzle and a word search. 

For the crossword puzzle, you enter information like a name for the puzzle, the width and height you would like, and the size of the squares.  Then you enter words and clues for each of those words.  You hit enter and voila, you have a personalized crossword puzzle

For the word search, you choose how many letters you want horizontally and vertically. You then enter a list of whatever words you’d like and it generates a word search puzzle for you!  So fun!

I thought of a lot of great ideas to use this fun tool for:

  • Small hand crafted businesses (ingredients, colors, scents, sizes, etc.)
  • Family reunions (enter names and how they are related as the clue)
  • Nurseries (enter words about babies like, sweet, cuddly, chubby, sleepy, adorable, etc.)
  • Wedding/Anniversaries (city you met in, first date location, honeymoon location, etc.)
  • Classrooms (spelling words for the week, cities and states, presidents, etc.)

The possibilities are endless.  I think it would be great to have them filled out with the correct answers and then frame them.  Or you could create blank ones as part of your branding and customers will learn more about your company while having fun!

What are some ideas you have for using these personalized puzzles?