Wonderful Summer Scents!

As we get settled into Spring, some of us more quickly than others (sorry to my Midwest and East Coast friends), we are looking ahead at some great summertime scents to offer.  One of the most wonderful things about scented candles is their ability conjure up memories for us.  I have been thinking about what some of my favorite memories are from my summer's past. 

I remember smelling clean clothes drying in the sun out on a clothesline in the backyard.  Our sunwashed linen scent brought up the image of so clearly in my mind.  It smells clean, and crisp! All of our candles can be made with sunwashed linen scent.

One of my favorite summer fruits is watermelon.  I remember sitting in the backyard eating it with salt on it (I don't do that anymore, I love it just as it comes now!), and spitting out the seeds.  Now I love to fix it with balsamic vinegar and feta cheese.  I was so happy with the fragrance oil we were able to find, it smells just like the real fruit, not like a watermelon candy.  It is so fresh!  We think you'd enjoy this wonderful scent in any of our candles.

Another fragrance that makes me think of summer is plumeria.  It makes me think of laying on the beach, soaking up the sun and having a nice cool drink with a tiny umbrella in it!  Our plumeria scent is sweet and tropical.

These are just a few of my favorite summer scents, what are some of yours?  Would love to hear them, we are always looking for new scents to try out!