Successful Fundraiser!

In a previous blog post entitled Candles, Wine & Kitties!, I wrote about the wonderful local animal charity that we work closely with and an upcoming fundraiser we were donating some candles to.  I wanted to give you an update on the success of our contribution!

As part of our business model, we give a portion of the sale of every candle to local animal charities.  We work closely with Orange County Animal Rescue Coalition (OCARC), and when they asked if we would like to be a part of a special fundraiser, we jumped at the chance!  This fundraiser benefits "The Purrs Fund" for cats with extenuating circumstances. 

Each year OC-ARC rescues and rehabilitates cats from extensive and life threatening injuries.  The Purrs Fund was established to help these broken and injured cats that shelters often do not have the funds to save.  The Purrs Fund is made possible only with the generous support of our donors. - OCARC website

For our donation, we decided to put together an assortment of the candles we have to offer.  We included:  (1) pomegranate jar with a black lid, (1) very vanilla jar with a rust lid, (1) hazelnut coffee travel tin, (1) apple harvest travel tin, (1) jelly bean votive, and (1) rose bouquet votive.

The finished product!

The finished product!

We arrived at the fundraiser a little late, and when we came in, Fran, the wonderful woman who heads up OCARC, was so excited to tell us that our basket was getting a lot of bids!  We took a look at the bid sheet and there were so many bids and the price was already above the retail value of the basket!  We had a couple of sample jars next to the basket so people could smell and touch them.  People loved them so much, we ended up selling the samples and giving all of the money to OCARC.   We could not have been more thrilled!

The fundraiser overall was a great success for OCARC.  We love giving back to animals and seeing that we could help make a difference is what it's all about!  What are some of your favorite charities?