Positivity Jar

Do you ever have those periods of time where you just seem to have lost your ability to be upbeat? I have been struggling a bit lately, and I feel myself gravitating towards negative feelings instead of looking for the upside.  I remember reading a while ago about this project of putting together a positivity jar. So, I am going to do that little DIY project and see if I can’t lift myself up out of this funk I seem to be in.

The premise of the project is to find things that make you smile.  For example: positive sayings, quotes, little stories, pictures of your cats (of course!), or a goal you have achieved. It really can be anything that will bring joy to you.  Write them down or print them on separate pieces of paper, I like to call them inspiration cards. 

Put those cards into a jar with a lid. This would be a great way to re-purpose your keepsake jar after you’ve enjoyed burning one of our candles!  You can put a nice little decorative label on it if you’d like.  Keep the jar where you can see it, and any time you are feeling down, lonely, frustrated, hurt, angry, sad… you get the picture; you just pull out one of the pieces of paper.  I find that reading inspiring words, or looking at a picture that makes me smile, can help me push the negative feelings down and look at the positive things.

Here are just a few of the items going in my jar:

Is anyone else picturing Al Franken as Stuart Smalley on Saturday Night Live looking in the mirror and saying “You're Good Enough, You're Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like You” right about now?  That sketch and character always made me laugh, but he has a point, self talk is important! 

When I pull the inspirations cards from the jar, I will either tape them to the mirror, or carry them with me if I will be running around that day.  I want to be able to see them or touch them at any moment I may need them.  There will probably be days when I pull out more than one!

I truly believe that it is up to me to make ME happy, and I am hopeful that having a positivity jar will help me remember that.  What types of things would you put on your inspiration cards?

Would love to hear from you.