One Stick At A Time...

Sometimes inspiration comes in strange places.  Mine came recently from a sweet, determined little bird.  I had been feeling overwhelmed by the bigger picture on a few things. Does this sound familiar to you; I know most people feel this way at some point.  I had just agreed to take part in a 30-day blog challenge where we have to blog for 30 days straight, I made up my mind to finally get serious about my weight, I was trying to figure out my best strategy for growing the business, and all of those things were becoming a bit overwhelming.  

A few weeks ago, I was looking out my window and I saw this little bird that seemed to be driving my cats crazy.   I’m not sure if it was a female or male, but for this story I’m going to say it was a female because we all need strong female influences. :)  She was flying into our yard, onto the fence that we share with our neighbor behind us, into the neighbors yard and back again.  My cats were fascinated watching her (from inside, of course).  I started watching her; she was picking up small sticks from our yard and then landing on the fence, looking around and then taking them to the neighbors yard, over and over again. I realized she was building a nest.  She was very methodical and consistent.  If you have ever looked at a bird’s nest, you notice how intricate it is.  It is woven with so many little pieces of sticks, string and whatever the bird can find to create a safe haven for their little babies.

As I watched her over the next few days, I thought about how I could learn from her.  I decided to focus on just a small piece (I now call them “sticks”) of the overall picture at a time.  For the blog challenge, I made a calendar with topic suggestions instead of panicking about what I could possibly write about for 30 days straight.  For my weight, I had already decided becoming vegan was right for me, so I focused on cleaning out the pantry and getting rid of anything that wasn’t healthy. Then I set small goals for myself like finding recipes, and committing to walking every morning.  For growing the business, I found some groups to join to help me learn more about social media. I am concentrating on Instagram right now, and will give more attention to the others, as I feel comfortable.  I would love it if you want to follow me on Instagram!  Breaking everything down into smaller, more manageable “sticks” was key for me.

Sometimes when things get overwhelming and you think you can’t possibly take on the entire scope of something, think about that little bird.  Focus on the foundation, take one “stick” at a time, keep searching for the right pieces, keep building on what you have and eventually it will all come together.  Again, my “word of the year”, DETERMINED, keeps popping up in my life!  Coincidence?  I think not!  :)

Have you ever gotten inspiration from an unlikely source?