Oh My Gosh – I Did It!

I belong to a wonderful organization called Indie Business Network (IBN) where people who make fabulous handmade items come together to support each other and learn how to be better business owners.  We are a group of (mostly) women who make skin care products, make up, soaps and candles, but even more than that we are women who started our own businesses and want to control our own destinies.  We have a fantastic woman at the helm of this organization who is one the most inspiring, supportive woman I have ever met.  Her name is Donna Maria.

We have a private FaceBook group where we all come together to ask questions, give support, pose challenges and overall support each other.  Donna Maria and one of my fellow IBN members, Stacia Guzzo, who owns Handcrafted Honey Bee, (you should check out her website, she has a wonderful company!) posed a challenge to the group.  The challenge, if we chose to accept it, was to blog for 30 days… 30 consecutive days!  I chose to accept that challenge.

I had been blogging about once a week for a couple of months and then got sidetracked with all of the other parts of running your own business.  So, when this challenge came along, I knew I had to jump right in and commit to connecting with you again on the blog.

I went into it thinking that it was not going to be easy.  I wondered what I would write about every single day.  I wanted to make sure I was sharing relevant content with you, sharing my story and hopefully entertaining you with some posts.  I’m going to be honest with you, there were some days where I would look at the computer screen and just keep staring at it, hoping words would miraculously appear.  But I always came up with something to share with you and once I started writing, the words would just flow.

Now that we are at the end of the challenge, I feel a lot of emotions.  I feel grateful for the kick in the butt, proud that I accomplished it, thankful for the opportunity to keep connecting with you, a little exhausted, and quite frankly a little scared.  Scared that I might not be able to keep up the consistency if I don’t have a group to check in with, but in reality I know that I committed to myself and most importantly to you.

I won’t be posting every single day, but I will be making a promise to blog at least once a week and if I have more to say and more to share, I will do post more frequently.  How often would you like to see updates?  What types of things would you like to learn about?  This blog is all about you and me connecting

My “word of the year” that I wrote about in a previous blog post is DETERMINED and I proved to myself that if I just remember that, I can accomplish anything!

Thank you for following my blog and reading about my company and story, I look forward to sharing many more adventures with you!