Naturally Sweet Popsicles!

I found a great and easy recipe I’d like to share with you.  We have been having some hot summer days and I was looking for a cool snack that fit in with my new clean eating, vegan ways!  I am trying to limit any added sugar, and only have natural occurring sugars like those found in fruits.  This treat is made from only whole organic fruits.  This recipe is naturally sweet and provides vitamins A and C along with plenty of fiber.  It is the perfect treat for me.  The recipe and picture shown has honey (I made some for my husband with the honey), but I omitted it for my popsicles since honey is not vegan.

Strawberry-Watermelon Popsicle.png

How easy is that?!  We now have these refreshing, antioxidant-packed treats to keep us cool on a hot summer day!  By the way, the Corona beer is not part of the ingredients, but when you are using limes for a recipe, why not!

A tip to keep from having ice form and thereby diluting the flavor is to refrigerate the mixture after blending it.  We put the popsicle molds in the refrigerator as well so everything was the same temperature. Once it becomes cold, pour the mixture into the molds.

We are looking forward to trying other variations, which are endless.  You can use any fruit you have available in any combination you think sounds good together.  Here are some that we are going to try:  kiwi & strawberry, raspberry & blueberry, soymilk and orange (may taste like a dreamsicle!), peach, and pineapple… really whatever we have on hand.  We are going to be buying some more molds this weekend (we only got one that makes 4 at a time), so we can always have popsicles frozen and ready to go!

What are some flavors you would try?