How To Connect With Us On Instagram!

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, we are looking for more ways to connect with you and share our story and product.  We have dipped our toe into social media and are looking at expanding our knowledge on how to navigate the waters.

When I was first starting out, I knew how to use FaceBook for the business, setting up a company page right away and I know a little bit about Twitter, we have an account there too.  I wasn’t sure how Instagram was going to work for us because we just have a few different candle containers.  We have several different scents that we offer, but the photos of the candles would look the same, and I thought you would be bored looking at the same photos over and over again.  haha

I recently participated in an Instagram online group that taught us tips on how to interact with people in an engaging way.  The class was so great; I made a lot of new contacts and learned that we have a lot of wonderful things to share with you, not just pictures of our finished product. 

We are going to be telling our story through photos. I will be sharing some behind the scenes photos of how we make the candles, orders being processed for shipping, and occasionally a few shots of our co-workers (who happen to be cats, you know how I love animals!).  I will also be sharing photos of how you can repurpose the candle containers once you have enjoyed burning them.

If you’ve read a couple of my previous blog posts, you know that I love a good quote!  I will be sharing those on Instagram on a regular basis; hopefully you will be inspired by these quotes as much as I am inspired.

We’ll be playing games with you where you can win some great prizes… candles, of course!  We’ll be posting some specials where you can get a deal on shipping or the price of the candles, if you use a code we will give you on Instagram. We’ll be asking you to engage with us by showing us pictures of your candles and how you have repurposed them.

We are so excited to engage with you on Instagram!  You can find us @shenandsamco.  What types of things would you like to see from us?  Any fun activities you’ve seen other companies do, that you think would be fun for us to participate in with you?

We’ll be delving deeper into Pinterest in the near future as well.  How do you use Pinterest to find great products?  You can find us on Pinterest @shenandsamco – I'll be honest with you, we aren’t currently very active, but we will be soon!

We would love to hear from you and see you on Instagram and Pinterest!