Hang In There Baby!

Hang In There Baby! FB.png

On June 14th I started a 30-day blog challenge through a professional organization I belong to called Indie Business Network.  The challenge is to write a blog post every day for 30 consecutive days.  We are officially at the halfway point!  I hope you have been enjoying the blogs as much as I have enjoyed writing them. 

Yesterday, the founder of Indie Business Network posted a question to those of us who are still blogging as a part of the challenge, “share one reason why you are still hanging in there”.  I shared the following (it’s more than one reason, but I am so excited about blogging, I had to say a little more): 

"I'm still blogging because I chose my "word of the year" at the beginning of the year and it was DETERMINED! In addition to that, I am enjoying finding things to share with my customers (and hoping they are reading it!) and connecting with them. I'm still excited every day to write; I find that I am loving it!"

So far I’ve share with you: about the 30-day challenge, finding the right craft show, how we got our name, how to light your candle for maximum burn time, being kinder to the planet, a remarkable young man, having support, our summer scents, charity spotlight, how much I love what I do, my mid-year goals, going vegan, why you should buy handmade, and a recipe for some naturally sweet popsicles!  Whew - that's a lot!

I am excited to continue sharing and connecting with you.  You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram and “like” us on FaceBook – I am going to be posting some specials and new products in the next week or so!  I would love to connect with you on social media as well as through the blog.

What are some other things you’d like to hear about?