Joy in finding a new favorite product!

I am part of a blogging group through Indie Business Network (IBN) where I am learning how to be more consistent and more thoughtful in my blogging practices.  I am learning a lot from the group and am loving being a part of it.  An unexpected surprise was that I found my new favorite skincare product.

One week I was reading a blog from Sans Pure and Simple Skincare that really touched me.  Renan, who is the founder of Sans, wrote a beautiful blog post about taking care of her mom and how that experience, as well as a lot of other things coming together at just the right time, led her to create her skincare company.  You can find that wonderful blog, When the Universe Talks Will You Listen?, here.   Take a moment to read it, I promise you it will make you think.

I was so moved by her post, here is (in part) what I commented:

This post is so wonderful, in so many ways!  I feel like everything lined up for me too, to bring me where I am today.  I have my own business (hand poured soy candles) that I started a little over a year ago when things at my job were not going in a direction that felt right for me anymore.  I took the leap and started something on my own that I absolutely love!
Your story about how you wanted to make sure what you were doing for your mom was the best thing for her and how that led you to create natural products is so inspiring.
I have to admit that I didn't really think much about the ingredients in the "natural" products I was buying, I assumed that they were what they said they were - "natural".  Thanks for a great post and getting me to think about what I am putting "on" my body and not just what I am putting "in" it!

I felt connected to Renan and her products in some way after reading the post, and I went to her shop and bought some moisturizing sugar scrub.  As a business owner who sells online, this is what I dream about. Someone finding their way to my website and/or blog and being so inspired about how passionate I am about my product that they purchase it without having the benefit of seeing, touching and smelling it.  It is always a bit of a chance buying something this way.  But I have to tell you that it was better than I imagined.

I received the moisturizing sugar scrub in the mail and was excited to try it.  I normally buy lavender scented body products if I get scented at all, but I was so intrigued with the idea of Sweet Orange that I decided I would throw caution to the wind and try something different.  The smell was wonderful, it reminded me a little of an orange dreamsicle, yet it was a subtle scent.  One of the reasons I hesitate to use scented body products is that a lot of the time the scent is overpowering and I end up being sick of smelling it by the end of the day.  This was perfect!

I had read the directions on the website and remembered that is said the nourishing oils would feel a bit oily, but to resist the urge to completely rinse it off.  I am so glad I listened and just lightly rinsed it off and patted my skin dry (not scrubbing it off like I normally would).  My skin was so soft and it didn't leave an oily residue at all.

Another bonus about my new favorite brand, is that in addition to their products being 100% natural (I recognize every ingredient on the label), they are kind to animals - and you know how we feel about animals!  :)

If you want to try some wonderful 100% natural skincare products, I highly recommend checking out Sans Pure and Simple Skincare's website, I know you won't be disappointed!  I am looking forward to trying out some other products!

Let me know what you think!


p.s.  I love the look of their website so much it inspired me to revamp ours to have a cleaner overall feel.  You can read more about it in a future blog post.