The 30 Day Blog Challenge: Evoking my “word of the year”, DETERMINED


In a previous blog post, I wrote about choosing a “word of the year” to help keep me focused on my goals.  Here, in part, is what I wrote, “The word that kept rising to the surface is DETERMINED!  Such a powerful word and one that I know that when I am stuck on something I can say to myself, and it will inspire me to keep moving forward”.

I belong to a wonderful organization for people who are entrepreneurs that make handmade items called Indie Business Network.  This group is so much more than a trade organization though, it is a network of people who support, inspire, encourage and challenge each other every day!  I am embarking on a formal 30 Day Blog Challenge within the group that quite frankly terrifies me a bit!  The challenge is to write a blog post once a day. Yes, you read that right, a post a DAY, 30 consecutive days!  If ever there was time I needed to evoke my “word of the year”, it’s now!  I am DETERMINED to complete this challenge.

This challenge comes at a perfect time because I want to get back to connecting with you on a more regular basis. In that earlier blog post, I wrote that I was going to blog once a week in an effort to connect better with you.  I was on a good track for a while, and then got busy (don’t we all!) and slacked off a bit.  No more excuses, I am DETERMINED to write every single day.

I will strive to share information with you that helps you to:  get to know me better, learn more about our candles, learn more about entertaining, touching, and informative subjects.

Here are some of the ideas I am working on:

  • How to re-purpose the candle containers once you have enjoyed burning the candle
  • Craft shows I have participated in or will be participating in
  • Animal charities (a huge passion of mine!)
  • Becoming Vegan (a new journey I just began)
  • How we named our company and created the logo/branding

I would love to hear from you about what types of things you would like to read about.  Please share with me!

I am excited about this challenge and want to include you in the process.

I look forward to providing you with some interesting reading and getting to know each other better!