Candles, wine and kitties!


A part of our business model is donating a portion of the sale of every candle to animal charities. I would like to spotlight the wonderful group that has been a big inspiration to us and is responsible for rescuing our kitties and allowing us to give them forever homes.


Orange County Animal Rescue Coalition (OC-ARC) is a nonprofit organized specifically to promote humane treatment and quality of life for all animals, rescue animals in need, reduce overpopulation and provide adoption services.  It is run by a group of the most caring people I have ever met!  

In addition to the wonderful work they do on a daily basis rescuing kittens and cats, fostering them and getting them ready to be placed in their forever homes, they also have a special fund called The Purrs Fund for cats with extenuating circumstances. 

Each year OC-ARC rescues and rehabilitates cats from extensive and life threatening injuries. The Purrs Fund was established to help these broken and injured cats that shelters often do not have the funds to save. The Purrs Fund is made possible only with the generous support of our donors.
— OC-ARC website

They hold fundraisers throughout the year and there is a great one coming up on March 29th at Hi-Time Wine Cellars in Costa Mesa.  We will be donating candles for the silent auction. Three of my favorite things - candles, wine and kitties - what could be better!  If you are in the area, please come by.  It's a great cause and lots of fun!  You can get tickets here.

We love this group and feel privileged to partner with them!  What causes are you passionate about?