Animal Charity Spotlight // Saving Grace Pit Bull Rescue

One of Saving Grace's rescue dogs - Doofy! 

One of Saving Grace's rescue dogs - Doofy! 

There are so many remarkable animal groups around the country, and the people who have the passion and heart to run them are truly my heroes! When I think about the wonderful people we have met on this journey, I believe it must be fate that has brought us together so that we can all have a bigger, louder, collective voice to help animals who are innocent and can't speak for themselves.

When we started our business, we knew that we would have a component of giving back and we knew that it would involve animals. We came up with the idea to donate a portion of the sale of each candle to animal groups after a serious case of being “foster failures”. If you don’t know what that is, I wrote a blog about our attempt at being a foster home for kittens, you can read about it here. Long story short, we fell in love with them and couldn’t part with them. :)

We just knew that our customers would be animal lovers like we are, so we wanted them to be able to choose their own favorite animal groups to benefit from the charity donations. When you place an order, there is a “charity of choice” box to fill in and if they are a non-profit group that helps animals, we will donate a portion of the sale to that group! 

Back in 2015, we received an order from someone who saw our social media posting about Remember Me Thursday, which is a global awareness campaign for orphan pets. This customer typed in “Saving Grace Pit Bull Rescue – Lubbock, TX” as their “charity of choice”. Being from southern CA, we were not familiar with this group. I looked at their website and social media and instantly fell in love with them! We reached out to them to let them know what we were about and how we found them, and it was the beginning of a mutual love fest. Thanks for being so supportive Laci and Briana!

Saving Grace was started by a group of friends who saw a strong need for advocates for Pit Bulls in their area. How wonderful is that?! Read more about their team here. This is just a glimpse of their mission:

We envision a time when loving and protective homes are in ample supply for Pit Bulls and they are no longer subjected to discrimination and cruelty because they are misunderstood and forgotten. We understand there is much controversy surrounding this "breed". Our belief here at Saving Grace is that quality education about the Pit Bull will inspire hope and promote change. We seek to communicate openly about issues and concerns in regard to Pit Bulls. We do not promote hatred and disrespect. Change through education, open dialogue, and partnership with other community agencies is one of our primary goals.
A current Saving Grace rescue - Doofy!

A current Saving Grace rescue - Doofy!

I didn’t know much about Pit Bulls, but after following Saving Grace and seeing the love and devotion that they have for this breed, I began to understand that there are so many misconceptions out there. When we are at an outdoor show, I find myself drawn to the Pit Bulls that come by our booth. The ones I have met are loving and affectionate. Right now, we have several cats in our household, but I can totally see us rescuing a Pit Bull in our future. I mean, look at this face!! Thank you Saving Grace for opening our eyes and hearts to these beautiful creatures!

If you would like to learn more about this incredible rescue group, check them out on their website, Instagram, and Facebook page! Donations are always greatly appreciated!

We are so thankful for their fan, Sydney, who saw our post about Remember Me Thursday, bought a candle from us and typed, “Saving Grace Pit Bull Rescue – Lubbock, TX”, in the “charity of choice” box. This chain of events (fate) brought us to one of our favorite rescue groups!

Do you have an animal group we should know about? We love finding out about people who are animal lovers like we are and are doing fantastic things to help!