All Signs Lead To Healthy

Do you ever feel like the universe (or something bigger than you) is subtly trying to nudge you in the right direction?  I have been on this journey to becoming vegan for about 6 weeks now and keep thinking why didn’t I do this sooner!  I started thinking about how I got to this point and there are several little nudges I didn’t recognize at the time, but I sure do now.

I was always right on the cusp of becoming a vegetarian; I really could take meat or leave it for the most part.  I was thinking maybe pescetarian would be right for me, which would mean I would still eat fish, dairy and eggs.  But I ultimately came to the conclusion that adopting a plant-based diet was best for me.   Here are a few of those little nudges I told you about that helped me reach this decision.

Let’s start with eliminating cheese, something I never could have ever imagined I could do (and my husband is STILL shocked at this!).  I LOVED cheese. 

My Babybel mini cheese wheel snacks that I had on a regular basis started to taste a little different.  They had come out with new packaging colors and I thought maybe they changed the recipe too.  But I knew that wasn’t it, those little rounds of cheese have been popular forever.  My taste buds were just trying to prep me for a future without cheese.

Another one of my go to snacks was Trader Joe’s string cheese.  Sometimes the texture ended up being soft instead of firm so I wasn’t able to pull a little string off at a time to eat it.  So, I took this inconsistency as a sign to stop getting them because I never knew which ones were going to be the way I liked them. 

An indulgence of mine, bleu cheese stuffed olives, were suddenly not available anymore at Trader Joe’s and it wasn’t just a temporary shortage, they weren’t going to be carrying them anymore.  The decision to stop eating them was made for me!  This example as well as the string cheese example is in NO way a dig at Trader Joe’s – we still LOVE that store! 

Now, can we talk tuna?  I had found what I thought was the perfect sushi roll.  It is called a “HOT” roll and is spicy tuna, jalapenos, cream cheese and rice wrapped in seaweed, and then deep-fried like tempura.  Sounds heavenly, right?  Well it was, for the first 100 times (ok, that’s an exaggeration but it makes the story better doesn’t it?).  And then my taste buds decided to tell me that maybe being a pescetarian wasn’t enough of a change.

And the kicker was a reported outbreak of salmonella in tuna used in sushi – ok, I get it, I’m done with fish!

I knew deep down in my heart and soul that I wanted to be more conscious of what I was eating, but it took some little nudges to really convince me.  It took me a while, but I got there.  And now I can hear the great comedian, Bill Engvall, saying about me behind my back “Here’s Your Sign!”

What would he be saying those words about you for – has anything been obvious to you that took some little nudges to see?