7 “I can’t believe this is actually happening” moments!


This week’s blog was inspired by two of my fellow business owners, Alyssa at Bath and Body Academy and Christian at Head Over Heels Bath and Body.  They each wrote blog posts to share some things about themselves.  I thought I would do a little twist on this idea.  While working at The Beverly Hilton hotel many years ago, I had some pretty amazing experiences.  I thought it might be fun to share some of them with you. 

Bob newhart season4.jpg

1. Impromptu skit with Bob Newhart!  I got to meet my comedy idol, Bob Newhart.  He was at the hotel attending an event and I summoned up the courage to introduce myself and tell him how much I adored him.   I told him my favorite Bob Newhart Show episode was the Thanksgiving show where they get drunk and then he and I starting saying lines from that episode.  Hands down, the greatest experience of my life (with a famous person)!

(Season 4, Episode 11 "Over the River and Through the Woods" - greatest sitcom episode in the history of television!)

2. Touched Robin Williams’ arm and congratulated him as he walked off stage after winning a Golden Globe for Mrs. Doubtfire! I was in the back of the ballroom and all of the winners had to pass by on their way to the press room.  He was so kind and humble.  What a gentle, wonderful soul.  I miss him.

3. I was a dork and said, “I’m your biggest fan” to Dudley Moore!  I got to meet one of my favorite actors of all time, Dudley Moore, and break the rules of being an employee at the hotel by asking him for an autograph (it was worth the risk!).  He smiled when I said "I'm your biggest fan" and thanked me.  Such a sweet man.


4. Attended the Emmy Awards!  Just as a point of reference of how exciting this was for me, when I was growing up my mom had to buy 2 copies of the TV guide when it was Emmy or Oscar time because my sister and I would be glued to the television with our own copies in hand that listed the nominees and we would mark down who won. I worked with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, managing all of the meeting space for their members to watch the shows and cast their ballots.  Yep, Ernst & Young accountants were right there to take the votes and keep them secret!  I received an invitation to the awards and a pretty cool shirt as well.

5. Carol Brady thanked me!   My contact for the Emmy voting group was Barbara Chase. One day I saw her in the lobby of the hotel and she said she was attending a luncheon and she’d like to introduce me to her mom.  As we were walking over to the table, I see Florence Henderson and I started getting nervous.  How cool is it that Barbara and her mom are sitting at the same table as Florence Henderson?  We walk up and Barbara says “I’d like you to meet my mom” and Florence says, “It’s nice to meet you, thank you so much for taking such good care of my daughter”.  Are you kidding me, Florence is HER mother AND she knew about me?!  Surreal!

6. That’s Liza with a “Z”!  My manager called me from the house phone in the ballroom and said, “can you come over to the ballroom right away?”  I hurry over to see what she needed.  I stop in my tracks as I see Liza Minnelli on the stage.  She was rehearsing for an event that was taking place later that night.  The music comes on and she starts singing “New York, New York”.  I felt the tears form in my eyes; it was so beautiful.

Political Royalty

7. I met 3 of the most powerful people in the free world!  I was fortunate to meet President Bill Clinton, First Lady (and future President??) Hillary Clinton, and Vice President Al Gore.  Those stories are too long for this post, but you can read about meeting Al Gore, in this past blog post.  I can tell you that it is true what they say about both Clintons – they make you feel like you are the only person in the room when they talk to you!

I have so many wonderful stories and memories of my time at The Beverly Hilton – if every day were like the ones I’ve written about, I would still be there!  As exciting as it was, I am truly happy in my new venture, owning my own company and making wonderful candles for you!

What are some of your “I can’t believe this happened to me” moments?  Would love to hear them!