Goals for 2015!

As we dive right into the New Year, there are several goals I have set for myself as I strive to keep the momentum going for this wonderful new adventure I started! 

Word of Wisdom

I was reading a couple of stories online about people choosing a “word of the year” to help keep them focused on their goals, to use as a personal mantra of sorts.  As I began thinking of what I want to accomplish this year, several ideas came to mind:  propel forward, bloom, and grow the business.  The word that kept rising to the surface is DETERMINED!  Such a powerful word and one that I know that when I am stuck on something I can say to myself and it will inspire me to keep moving forward.


Here are a few of my goals designed to help us connect:

  • Write a blog post once a week (got this one in just under the wire for the first week of the year!).  I will strive to share information with you that is relevant, entertaining, touching, and/or informative.  Let me know what types of things you would like to read about.
  • Become more active on social media.  I am learning more about how to effectively use different avenues, so please bear with me as I navigate through.
  • Send out newsletters once or twice a month to share information with you.  If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter yet, you can do that here (subscribe).

I am very thankful for the support you have given me so far on this journey and I look forward to blooming, propelling forward, and growing the business by being DETERMINED to be the best I can be!  What is your "word of wisdom" for 2015?