Always Believe!

When I was chosen to participate in the Knott's Merry Farm Christmas Crafts Village I was so excited to showcase my candles.  This would be my first big show since launching the business earlier this year.  It has been a learning experience to say the least!  It has also been great for getting the word out and reaching customers I would have never found elsewhere.

The part I was not anticipating was the wonderful interactions I have been fortunate enough to have had with people.  I had an extraordinary experience last night.  It is a perfect example of never giving up and always believing in your dreams.

A lovely older gentleman came up and started talking to us about his day, our candles and just general small talk.  He told us he was here with his family, and his wife and granddaughter were in the store behind us looking around.  He said they would definitely come over because they love candles.

He spots them in the store and waves them over.  He tells us that his granddaughter is legally blind so she loves smelling things.  We see them walking over towards us, the girl is about 7 years old and using a walker.  She is a bit unsteady but makes her way over to us.

The grandma says "Nava, these are scented candles, would you like to smell one?  Just one, we don't want to take up too much of these people's time."  I tell her they can smell all of them, we are in no hurry.  The grandma gives us a big smile.

The grandma tells Nava what the scent is and then places the candle under her nose each time.  Nava smiles and says she likes them.  She asks what my name is and I tell her "Jamie", she says "Hi Jamie!".  We talk for a few minutes about her day and then she asks her grandma very quietly, "can I give her a hug?".  The grandma looks at me a little tentatively, and I say "sure, I would love to give you a hug!".  I bend down to give her a hug and I'm a bit overwhelmed, it was such a sweet and unexpected request.

The grandpa told us that his daughter adopted Nava from Kazakhstan and the doctor told them the baby would not survive and if by some miracle she did, she would never walk or talk.  Well she is a miracle and she sure proved them wrong!  He said "now we can't get her to stop talking, hahaha!!!  You know you should never give up no matter what anyone tells you, if you believe you can - you can!".

As they were leaving the grandparents thanked us for taking the time with Nava and we told them it was really a pleasure and thanked them for introducing us to her.

What a wonderful encounter with an amazing family.  I will never forget Nava - she is an extraordinary soul and I feel privileged to have met her.