Kid Collaborator

Every now and then you have an experience that helps you remember what it feels like to be so confident in your ideas, even if they sound a bit crazy!  And how important it is to listen and give encouragement to keep the ideas coming.  While I was working at my booth at Knott’s Merry Farm’s Christmas Crafts Village yesterday, a little boy who was around 9 years old came over to see what I was selling.  He was very polite, complimenting me on the candles and letting me know how much he loved the scents.  He told me I did a great job making the candles smell great.  He was so adorable. 

We were having a great conversation and he says “Hey, I just thought of a great product idea for you!  You should make a candle that smells like turkey - you know for Thanksgiving!”  I told him I had not heard of a candle fragrance like that, but I would look into it.   He then said, “Oh, and you should make a mashed potato one too!  That way you can make the house smell like Thanksgiving dinner!”  He had a huge smile on his face, he was so proud that he was coming up with new scents for me to try.  I thanked him for the ideas and he walked away with a satisfied look on his face just knowing he came up with a perfect idea.  I think he is going to be very successful making interesting products someday!  So, I’m off to research the turkey and mashed potato scents!  :) 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!   And who knows maybe there will be candles soon that make your house smell like Thanksgiving dinner anytime you want it to!  :)