Perfect Partners!

When we started our candle business we knew that we wanted to “give back” in some way.  We are huge animal lovers so it was a natural fit to choose animal charities as our partners.  Yesterday I had an experience that really confirmed for me that this is the right path we have chosen.

I was at PetSmart talking with some of the wonderful volunteers from our favorite local animal charity, OCARC (Orange County Animal Rescue Coalition), about a holiday fundraiser we are doing with them.  OCARC holds cat adoptions there on Saturdays.   There were several kittens and cats of varying ages and there was a woman who was in a deep conversation with one of the volunteers.  Pretty soon the woman and the volunteer were in the “get acquainted” room with a couple of the cats.  The next thing we know, they are walking out and getting the paperwork all finalized, the cat pictured above had found her forever home!   Someone asked the woman what it was about that particular cat and she said, “When she looked in my eyes, I just knew she was the one”.   She went on to say that the new cat had similar markings as her existing cat only in different colors, and she just knew they would get along.

I was amazed watching this whole scenario play out.  We had gotten our cats from this rescue group and had similar experiences, but to watch it all unfold in front of my eyes for someone else was really special.  I knew at that moment that our decision to partner with animal charities that help animals and people connect like that and find their forever homes was the absolute best decision we had made with our company. 

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each of our candles helps rescue organizations continue to do the great work they do in helping animals get ready for their forever homes!